Empire of Tyrgard

The Empire of Tyrgard is an imperial monarchy, and the only major superpower left in the Central Seafold. It reigns supreme in the Core Isles, and has expanded its borders beyond the Circle Sea into small and large colonial settlements. The Empire is based, economically and militarily, from the island of Tyrgard, and reigns supreme across all of the other Core Isles including Sigilis, Gyrwachstam, the Emerald Vale, and Khaz Moruum, as well as the many smaller vassal islands. The capital of the Empire is the city of Hawksgate on the island of Tyrgard.


While vestiges of the Empire can be traced back to the early days of Tygard’s monarchy and its expanding rule over the Core Isles. However, it did not truly emerge as a major power until the dawn of the Telmeric Wars. At the time, Tygard and the other Core Isles were under the subjugation of the tyrannical Dawn Council; the entire Central Seafold was then referred to as the Hawksgate Province, but the internal politics of the Council prevented much reach beyond the Circle Sea. The sea-orcs of Telmer struck against a disorganized and unpopular government, and besieged Hawksgate in the first week of the war— by the second, they overthrew and executed the Dawn Council. After months of occupation, Tyrgard united the other Core Isles against their Telmeric oppressors. Once the Wars were ended by the Fall of Telmer, Tyrgard began consolidating the wartime alliance known simply as the “League of Tyrgard” into a permanent, united empire.

Since then, the emperors of the Teraknian line have used the Dawn Council as a political tool to hold onto the support of their Core Isle allies. The illumians and dwarves have always been staunch supporters, while the Emerald elves and gnomes are internally divided over the issue of imperial rule.

Empire of Tyrgard

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