Hawksgate is the capital of the Empire of Tyrgard, and the largest and most populous city in the Core Isles, and likely in the world. As the beating heart of the only major superpower left on Persus, Hawksgate exerts a powerful influence over commerce, finance, culture, fashion, and entertainment throughout the Central Seafold, and even beyond.

Today’s city of Hawksgate was founded over 1,200 years ago by a group of pilgrims. The pilgrims were led by a priestess of the Anarcha named Ana Kinspool, who was inspired to found the settlement far east of Tyrgard‘s then-largest port city of Valenthas after receiving a vision. Not much is known about the early years of the city, though archives record Kinspool’s death in a battle with a marauding kraken named Zelkarune. However, after her death, the town gradually grew and expanded until it encompassed not merely the area inside the city walls, but a number of farming plantations lying on the outskirts. The growing economic success of the city made it a target for raids from pirates and more organized attacks from Scuttlecove in the south.

After a time, a family named Teraknian, descended from Kinspool’s lover, began to rule predominantly over the city as Lord Mayors, taking advice from the clergy of the Anarcha and the Ordinatus. In insert date, Orren Teraknian, the last of the Lord Mayors, began a reign of terror, and launched a persecution of the church of the Anarcha in the city. Orren was deposed soon after by then-king of Tyrgard (who still ruled the island from Valenthas at this time) and the city was reaffirmed as a seat of royal power, a move which the Cult of the Ordinatus in particular assisted in facilitating. Orren’s unpopular reign is largely what drove the organization of the Dawn Council, and the eventual formation of the Empire.

Located on the southern coast of the human-populated island of Tyrgard, Hawksgate possesses a unique layout thanks to the foresight and planning of its early founders. Its walls are perfectly circular, and within these walls the city is divided equally into four quarters: the Docks, the Trade Quarter, the Common Quarter, and the Noble Quarter. These quarters are also known by their cardinal orientations (South, West, North, and East, respectively) and traffic between them is well-regulated by the City Watch. The most unique feature is that, starting with the Docks and ending with the Noble Quarter, the city’s segments rise on a steady slope. A traveler walking the main road through the city will ascend from the Docks to the Trade Quarter, then (after proof of citizenship is presented) rise to the Common Quarter, and finally those few elite citizens may reach Noble Quarter, which overlooks all of the others until dropping off in a steep cliff back down to the Docks. At the center of this circular wheel, spiraling upward, is the Monolith, Tower of the Empire and High Temple of the Ordinatus.


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