Welcome to Persus

Persus is a world of waves, a vast ocean dotted with disparate archipelagos and landmasses no larger than a small kingdom. It is also a world divided; the Empire of Tyrgard wages a nonstop campaign to establish its universal Order, while the Outlaw Nations— rebels, tribal natives, and pirates— strive to resist and retain their independence. Amidst the struggle, an even greater threat looms: the Stormwrack consumes land and sea relentlessly, slowly encroaching until it swallows all the world in its voracious blight. In a world on the brink of doom, will any rise to turn the tide? The Tide… of Pirates?

We begin with the party in the human city of Hawksgate, capital of the Tyrgard Empire. All seems to be politics and pettiness as usual… but are the heroes on the trail of something bigger?

Tides of Pirates

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