The Ordinatus

The Ordinatus is the only form of worship officially sanctioned within the Tyrgard Empire. Seen as the spiritual manifestation the Empire’s right to rule, the Ordinatus is not so much a deity as it is a philosophy. It supports a dogma of justice, order, and obedience to rightful authority, and directly opposes worship of its rival faith, the Cult of the Anarcha.

Dedicated to preserving law and stability, the Cult of the Ordinatus works hand in hand with legal authorities, law enforcement, and even the armies of Tyrgard, lending spiritual counsel and divine magical support. The clerics and paladins of the Cult are steadfast in their loyalty to Tyrgard, and seek only to expand her authority.

Clerics of the Ordinatus may choose whether to focus their divine authority into the harnessing of positive or negative energy. Whether they use their power to heal or harm, to drive away undead abominations or command their service, makes no difference to the Ordinatus. So long as their powers are put to use in the name of legitimate rulership, all actions are permissible. Powerful clergy are capable of binding the service of beings of Pure Order: formians, inevitables, and even modrons. These “angels” are only called upon in the direst circumstances, often to hunt down dangerous enemies of the state or servants of Chaos.

Paladins of the Ordinatus, instead of smiting evil, have the ability to bring down divine wrath on lawless men and creatures of Chaos. They often fight alongside the Imperial marines, captaining the deadly Crusader warships which hunt down pirates and smugglers in Tyrgard waters.

The Ordinatus is typically depicted as a tall, robed figure, wearing a unique helm and holding a spear and shield. Its symbol is a stylized helm, and its favored weapon is the longspear.

The Ordinatus

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