The Anarcha

Worshiped by pirates and outlaws primarily, the Anarcha represents a dogma of chaos, independence, and free will; the counterpoint to the Ordinatus. Like their rival Cult, the Anarchite faithful usually see it as more of a philosophy than an actual god.

As befits a religion of chaos, worship and practice take myriad forms. Ordinatus crusaders argue that there is not one Cult of the Anarcha, but rather thousands of different cults all claiming the same name. There is a great deal of truth in this (though this does not stop the Empire from outlawing Anarcha worship wholecloth). Indeed, one might say that every acolyte keeps the faith in a different way, and that, in fact, no one believer is correct.

Because of this, Anarcha worship is necessarily decentralized. Independent cells flourish everywhere in the Central Seafold, including Imperial territory. Most are led by a charismatic cleric or a favored soul. Often these cells get involved in some other kind of illegal activity, sometimes smuggling or pirating. Hence pirate fleets of Anarcha worshipers are not uncommon, often led by clerics or paladins. Examples include The Hands of Chaos and Marceon’s Faithful.

Paladins of the Anarcha are able to crush tyrants and lawbringers with their divine power, instead of smiting evil. Clerics of the Anarcha may either use positive or negative energy, according to their whim. Powerful clerics are able to summon spirits of Pure Chaos: slaadi and chaos beasts primarily.

The Anarcha is typically depicted as a six-armed woman, seated in the lotus position. However, she is always holding a different six objects in her hands (indeed, some artists argue that unless she is holding a completely unique combination of items, it is not a truly accurate depiction). Common objects include a scroll, a dagger, an apple, a flower, a skull, a lamp, a songbird, a bleeding heart, a pastry-cake, a necklace, and a putrefied tongue. The ancient eight-pointed star of Chaos is the closest thing the faith has to a holy symbol, though individual cults often create their own. The Cult’s favored weapon is a flail.

The Anarcha

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